Why is the Kill Switch Important for Torrenting

Why is the Kill Switch Important for Torrenting Basically, the VPN Kill Switch provides an extra layer of security. The user knows that if there is a problem, this feature will immediately stop the Internet connection, keeping the real IP hidden.When the VPN is working again, the connection will be up again. How to Set Up NordVPN’s Proxy for uTorrent? - BitTorrentVPN This is an equivalent of a Kill Switch, a very important tool in a VPN software. The speed is another advantage. A SOCKS5 proxy allows users to establish a connection to the entire amount of peers available in a swarm because it uses full UDP.

But if you are using a Kill Switch, every time there is a problem with the VPN, your Internet connection is interrupted before your real IP becomes exposed. This interruption is made immediately, so there is no time for you to be visible to the tracker. General Kill Switch vs App Kill Switch

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Jul 21, 2020 · A kill switch is important because it protects your data from being exposed if your VPN connection happens to drop. Otherwise, a VPN without a kill switch feature would reveal your real IP address to the P2P network you’ve connected to on uTorrent Pro.

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