AWS account root user credentials and IAM user credentials

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Let’s say you need to create a new user and grant him root access to the server. To create a user with exactly the same privileges as root user, we have to assign him the same user ID as the root user has (UID 0) and the same group ID ( GID 0).

How to Enable and Grant Remote Access to MySQL Database Server

2. Grant a New User to Root Privileges [root@vps ~]# visudo. Add the following code at the bottom of the file and save the file with the command :wq : ## Allow skytech user to run any commands anywhere skytech ALL=(ALL) ALL. This will grant a root privileges to the normal user skytech.

How to Create MySQL User and Grant Privileges: A Beginner Jun 17, 2020 permissions - How can I grant access to my root site in They can access all the subsites without problems just not the root site. The root site has a security group called "Readers" which has "Everybody" in it and has it's permissions set to "Read". From the site root homepage I goto the cog then Site Settings and then Site Permissions under Users and Permissions I see the following list: